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Crafting Process:

To create these exquisite handmade art pieces, we employ the original paper-mache technique. Firstly, the Artisan Mask-maker initiates the process by meticulously sculpting a plaster mold for the mask. Following this, the mold is coated with Vaseline to prevent any adhesion issues. Subsequently, the Artisan applies layers of special absorbent paper with precision. Torn into small pieces, the paper is then pressed into the mold—a task ideally performed with fingers, especially for intricate models. Once the shaping is complete, the mold goes through the drying process in a specialized oven, marking a crucial phase in the crafting journey. Upon completing the drying phase, the Artisan carefully extracts the handmade Venetian mask from the mold. Subsequent steps include cutting open the eyeholes, sanding down all surfaces, and varnishing and waxing the face. These meticulous preparations ensure the Venetian mask is primed and ready for the upcoming decoration stage.

Decoration Process :

The enchanting transformation begins with the decoration process. Our skilled Artisan Mask-maker, boasting over 25 years of experience, personally adorns each of our masks—an exclusive offering from Venice Art.

Diverse materials and techniques breathe life into these glorious masks. Notably, from acrylic paints and gold or silver leaf to macrame lace, beads, glitter, precious fabrics, feathers, real music sheets, Tarot cards, metal ornaments, Swarovski crystal pieces, semi-precious jewels, and artificial aging, the range is extensive. In our other handmade masks, materials such as leather, metallic sheets, lace, and more contribute to the unique aesthetic.

Importantly, the pricing of authentic handmade art masks varies based on intricate details, including the level of decoration, materials used, size, shape, and the overall quality of craftsmanship. We have many masks, resembling veritable masterpieces, are not only expansive but are primarily designed for decorative purposes.

Embodying the philosophy of  Venice Art, we are steadfast in our commitment to providing customers with the finest Venetian masks, suitable for both decoration and wear.


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