“Volto masks, synonymous with full-face masks, have Italian origins in the word ‘volto,’ meaning ‘countenance.’ Historically, they were known as ‘citizen masks,’ symbolizing unity during festive events like Saint Marco’s day and the Sensa feast day. The original predominantly white ‘larva’ mask, often worn with a three-cornered hat, had a ghostly charm, allowing wearers to engage in everyday activities.

In modern times, the Volto mask has evolved into a full-face canvas for artists, making a striking impact at events like the Venetian Carnival. Beyond social gatherings, these masks are sought-after wall decorations, adding a touch of mystery and Venetian tradition to homes. Handmade from papier-mâché and painted.”


The term “Volto masks,” synonymous with full-face masks, finds its linguistic origins in the Italian word “volto,” translating to “countenance.” Steeped in history, these masks were once revered as “citizen masks,” emblematic of unity among common people during festive occasions such as Saint Marco’s day and the Sensa feast day.

The original “larva” mask, predominantly white, held a distinctive presence. Paired with a three-cornered hat, it created an ethereal spectacle under the moonlight in Venice’s dimly lit streets. The term “larva,” denoting “ghosts,” perfectly captured the haunting charm of these masks, worn by all geners Interestingly, the original design did not completely cover the face, allowing wearers to indulge in everyday activities like eating, drinking, and conversing freely.

In contemporary times, the Volto mask has undergone a subtle evolution. It now typically refers to a full-face mask, providing artists with a larger canvas for elaborate decorations. These masks make a stunning impact when worn with intricate costumes, particularly during the renowned Venetian Carnival (Carnevale), or as captivating masquerade accessories at themed events. Moreover, their versatility extends beyond social gatherings, as they have become sought-after wall decorations. Purchasing a Venetian Mask for an event not only adds a touch of mystery but also allows you to immortalize the occasion by incorporating the mask as a unique and decorative element in your home, bringing the magic of Venetian tradition into your daily surroundings.

Handmade papier mache and painted



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