All of the masks produced by Venice Art are handmade, combining traditional techniques of local Venetian craftsmen with new explorations into contemporary decoration.

 Where Tradition Meets Innovation

Beyond mere accessories, Venetian masks embody the rich history and vibrant spirit of Venice. At Venice Art, we honor this legacy while embracing a modern aesthetic, crafting handcrafted masks that harmoniously blend the old with the new.

Our artisans, deeply rooted in the knowledge of Venetian craftsmanship, painstakingly handcraft each mask, imbuing them with the essence of tradition. Each mask undergoes a meticulous process, from meticulously shaping the papier-mâché base to flawlessly applying intricate details and ornamentation.

Not content to rest on our laurels, we are inspired by contemporary art and design to push the boundaries of mask-making. We incorporate innovative techniques and materials, breathing fresh life into these timeless creations. Our masks are not mere replicas; they are unique expressions of our artistic vision.

With Venice Art masks, you can capture the essence of Venice and carry a piece of its heritage wherever you go. Our masks are not just souvenirs; they are gateways to the enchanting world of Venetian masks, where tradition and innovation converge to create masterpieces of artistic expression.

Embrace the elegance of Venice with our handcrafted masks, where timeless craftsmanship meets modern artistry.


Addresses :

Leon Doro
Pointe di Rialto 10
30125 Venezia, Italia
Tel: +39 041 099 4417

Venice Art
Calle Frezzaria 1770
30124,  Venezia
+39 041 099 4773

Venice Fashion
326 Cannaregio
30121 Venezia, Italia
Tel: +39 041 717 444

La Moretta
3046 Campo San Rocco
30125 Venezia, Italia
Tel: +39 041 476 9096





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